Grammy Connie's Etiquette Boot Camp - Making ladies and gentlemen out of boys and girls.

Kids are not born knowing how to behave properly in society; it’s up to their parents and Grammy Connie, to teach them.

As a young mother raising my five children, I would ask them to pretend they were eating with the president, teaching them proper etiquette and dining skills. 

My goal is to help the children of Denver become well-mannered and self-confident. They will learn table manners, introductions, and body language. They will learn how to set the table, make their bed and other chores, as well as how to behave at various social and public events, such as school, church, parties and more.

Etiquette Classes for Children, Teens, Young Adults, and Families

My mission is to bring back traditional etiquette with a modern-day twist. 

I am bringing friendly back!

These courses are meant to teach children, teens, and young adults the importance of good manners, communications and social skills, dining etiquette, courtesy, chores and respect. After all, your children's behavior is a reflection of you.  I am determined to teach and instill good etiquette skills in as many children as possible. 

   * Respect
   * Manners
   * Dining Etiquette
   * Social Skills
   * Courtesy
   * Chores
   * Self-esteem and Confidence Building
   * Parent Classes


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