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If you have had just about enough of viewing photos, reading profiles, messaging, waiting...waiting... Ok so you finally connect. You text, you talk on the phone, you meet. Wow, that took three weeks! Meet the dating expert; Me.

Having been single for eight years and having been on every dating site, seriously, I was, I feel as if I dated every single man in Denver. I realized that nobody wants to date a worn-out, beaten-down ex. I met men whose signature wasn't dry on their divorce decree. Men who had been single for a very long time and set in their ways. I met men who were cynical, disgruntled, clueless, jaded, and physically not appealing. Not only by their physical appearance, but by their "style" and "fashion sense". 


Having become an incidental expert, and inspired by Will Smith in the movie Hitch, I created Lady Hitch Singles! 

Hot Up! Workshops Through these workshops you will learn how to bring out your best attributes. Thus, boosting your confidence, and enhancing your social and dating skills, and helping you to create the BEST version of yourself. 

You will learn how to conduct yourself while on a date, whether first or subsequent. Learn to use and read body language, and much more. Individual couching also available

Hot Up! - Dating & Flirting Back to Basics- Do you really know how to flirt? It's not that difficult, but it's not that easy. Here you will learn how to be comfortable in any situation. Forget the wingman/woman, you will be the one in charge. Group and individual sessions available.


Case Study 1: 

Meet Bob. Bob is in his late 50s, long time single, who has never been able to get past that first date. Meet Sally. Sally is on a date with Bob. She doesn't know if Bob is interested in her because of his seeming indifference. Bob is unaware that his body language is sending the wrong signal. 

Case Study 2: 

Meet Mary. Mary is longing for a long-time relationship. She is finding that she, an independent woman, is having difficulty making a connection and she thinks that men are intimidate by her.

Lady Hitch Singles Events - Having attended singles events where attendance and compatibility were as appealing as a boiled egg in an airplane, I created Lady Hitch Singles Events. 

I produce events designed to provide opportunities for singles to make Intimate connections in a fun and relaxed ambiance. Through my screening process, these events are by invitation only, for those who are serious about meeting quality people. 

They are held in the private residences of gracious hosts, and exciting and upscale venues. They range from cocktail parties, to BBQ's and shrimp boils. Lady Hitch caters to diverse ages and lifestyles.

These are the parties where you want to be!

I have a proven track record for high attendance, even ratios, and intimate connections made. 


Featured Single! You have the opportunity to be featured here as                my featured single. It will provide you the opportunity to showcase yourself either on video or written profile with photo. I will market you so that your chances of being seen by potential suitors is increased.

Matchmaking Service - Personalized matchmaking service designed to find you the last love of your life.  I will not waste your time or money by sending you on what I call filler dates. You will only meet people who meet your criteria and requirements.

The Dating Game - Just like the 70s TV show The Dating Game, where there is one bachelor/bachelorette and three suitors competing to win a date. 

Online Profile Writing - I will help you create an authentic online profile designed to attract a compatible partner.

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