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Connie Hewitson IMAGE and Etiquette Consultant

They say people love to talk about themselves, so here I go. I am a fun loving woman with a dynamic personality and a passion for good manners, civility, common courtesy and proper etiquette. I credit my  sixth grade teacher, Mr. Paul Haupt, for my enthusiasm for good manners and social skills. He was instrumental in the passion I developed for proper etiquette and good manners. 

Originally from El Paso Texas, I have resided in Colorado  since 1985.  I have a  family of five adult children; three boys, twin girls, two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and five beautiful grandchildren. I also now have two additional sons and a new daughter-in-law, making 18 of us in my immediate family!

Ever the entrepreneur, I have created these companies about things I love and am passionate about..


Stay tuned; there's more to come.


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Connie Hewitson