"Image” is the way other people see us

Individual, Group and On-Line Consulting Available

I will give you my expert advice that will help you achieve what you want – whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about yourselves.

Whether you want to  enhance your image for career, dating or other reasons, your image will have an amazing, positive impact on your life. 

I will help you make a great impression, by providing feedback and helping you improve your overall image, specific aspects of your physical appearance (wardrobe, colors, hairstyle, etc.), or vocal or non-verbal communication 

Just as I underwent my own incredible transformation, I will help you create the image that will change your life, just as it did mine. Let me help you become the best version of yourself.

I will help you with:

    * Self-esteem and Confidence Building
    * Social Skills
    * Dating etiquette
    * Manners/Common Courtesy
    * Body Language and Eye Contact
    * Interviewing Skills
    * Leadership Skills

    * Pageants
    * Conversational Grammar Skills

Corporate Consulting

Many times I have walked into a professional office and have been "greeted" by a less than professional staff. Whether it's their unprofessional and less casual attire, or the lack of genuine customer service, your employees will retain or lose your clients. 

The following courses are available:

   * Professional Attire and Behavior
   * Customer Service

   * Telephone Etiquette 

   * Dining and Social Etiquette
   * Networking
   * Body Language and Eye Contact
   * Conversational Grammar 

For Etiquette Programs For Children, Teens and Young Adults - Please see Grammy Connie's Boot Camp page


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