Lady Hitch Singles

Lady Hitch Singles

Having been single for eight years and having been on every dating site, seriously, I was, I feel like I dated every single man in Denver.  I met men who's signature wasn't dry on their divorce decree, men who had been single for a very long time and set in their ways. I met men who were cynical, disgruntled, clueless, jaded, and physically not appealing, not by their physical looks, but by their "style" and "fashion sense". I have always said that no one wants to date a worn-out, beaten-down ex husband/wife.  Having become an incidental expert, I created Lady Hitch Singles!  You know like Will Smith in...

Hot Up! & Dating/Flirting-Back to Basics Workshops, are designed to enhance those wonderful features we all have, however hidden they may be, by boosting your confidence, social, dating and dining skills. 

Lady Hitch Singles Events are generally held in the private residences of gracious hosts. They are by invitation only, which gives me the ability to manage the guest list and have an even ratio of men to women. This gives you the opportunity to meet several people at one time.   They range from high end cocktail parties, to BBQ's and shrimp boils. These are parties where you want to be!

If you are interested in attending, please complete the contact form and let's move forward. As you know, we are not getting any younger.


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I love my singles, so feel free to call to arrange a visit. 

Connie Hewitson

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